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  • Responsible for shareholders

    Being a pioneer of value creation


    Our philosophy

    As an enterprise with a history of more than ten years, we have been actively undertaking the corporate social mission. We are committed to implementing the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing" and meeting the general requirements of "seeking progress in stability". Aiming at improving the modern enterprise system, our company is constantly upgrading and innovating our products and services and not afraid of challenges.

    The company steadily promotes the improvement of quality and efficiency, vigorously carries out transformation and innovation, which is committed to realizing the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets, forging great wisdom and cultivating a large pattern and long-term vision.

    Our commitment

    1.   Setting up overseas investment platform and expand overseas business

    2. Accelerating the development of industrial fund and the cultivation of innovative mechanism

    3. Making good use of capital market platform to carry out merger and acquisition integration as well as capital operation

    4. Optimizing the main business structure and regional market structure 

    5. Strengthening the application of mobile internet and the cultivation of new business growth points

    6. Implementing the strategy of "innovation, transformation and development"

  • Responsible to employees

    Building a development platform full of opportunities 


    Our philosophy

    China Asia Valley raphene Group regards employees as the key to creating extraordinary achievements, respects the value of each employee, ensures employees' basic rights and interests and strengthens the democratic management. In order to build a harmonious labor relationship, we also set up a salary and welfare increase mechanism, committed to providing employees with a broad development platform and a healthy working environment. We hope to help our employees grow and improve their happiness index, so as to create efficient, dynamic and happy China Asia Valley.


    Our commitment

    1. We will continute to carry out in-depth and detailed work on optimizing the structure of employees, pilot innovation in employee incentive system, personnel training, improvement of the working environment, and protection of the legitimate rights and interests of employees

    2. Listening and responding to employees' demands in time

    3. Maintaining a stable level of employee engagement and satisfaction

    4. Making employment risk get better control

  • Responsible to our customers

    Become a trusted and popular brand


    Our philosophy

    Most of the businesses of China Asia Valley are closely related to the people's daily life. It is our constant vision to start a business with unlimited possibilities. We are committed to providing quality, safe products and services, proactively explore the potential needs of customers. We encourage employees to engage in open innovation and constantly creating exciting surprises by combining new technologies with great business models. We attach great importance to customers’ experience and opinions, through continuous improvement of customer relationship management system, to achieve common growth with customers. Customer satisfaction is the core value we have been pursuing.

    Our commitment

    1. Continuing to improve weak links and key areas between customers and our company

    2. Focusing on consumer information security and privacy protection in banking, trust and other fields

    3. Continuing to improve services in key areas such as the Internet, finance and intelligent manufacturing

    4. Continuing to explore online service channels and capacity building

    5. Continuing to intensify research and development and promote the innovation in products and services

  • Responsible for environment

    Be a leader in green development


    Our philosophy

    At China Asia Valley, we believe that our work is not only to improve ourselves, but also to make more people's lives and our surrounding environment better. It is our consistent insistence to practice green responsibility and achieve sustainable development of enterprises. Our company are committed to enhancing environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction management. By improving the efficiency of resource utilization and reducing pollutant emissions, we can fulfill our social responsibilities, enhance our green competitiveness and promote the harmonious development between business and nature.


    Our commitment

    1. Continuously optimizing the industrial structure, increasing the proportion of renewable energy business, promoting the mode of circular industrial park and improving the environmental protection coordination in our different business sectors

    2. Increasing investment in energy conservation and emission reduction, promoting the application of new technologies for environment-friendly business, eliminating backward production capacity through development and innovation, and Continuously improving the utilization efficiency of energy and resources

    3. Strengthening supervision and management of energy conservation and emission reduction and continuously reducing energy consumption and pollutant emission

    4. Improving the emergency management system for environmental events to ensure that no major environmental incidents occur

  • Responsible to partners

    Create a win-win and mutually beneficial Internet ecosystem.

    Our commitment

    1. Strengthening the development of strategic sharing mechanism and the construction of business platform
    2. Actively cooperating with the government, other enterprises and scientific research institutions to achieve common development
    3. Actively sharing our experience and wisdom to our peers
    4. Further strengthening the requirements of our group on the concept of social responsibility in the supply chain system, so as to enhance the competitiveness of our supply chain system.
    5. Strengthening public opinion management, promoting media cooperation, responding to negative events in a timely manner, and improving operational transparency
    6. Creating a mutually beneficial and win-win ecosystem
  • Responsible to the public

    Be a pioneer for building a harmonious community

    Our philosophy

    In the process of achieving sustainable development, it is important for businesses development to have community involvement and support, and the development of the community also needs the contribution of enterprises. China Asia Valley actively respond to national policies, pay taxes in accordance with the law, and return to the community. we continuing to improve the level of safety management in order to ensure safety production.We pay close attention to hotspot issues in social development, and actively use our professional strengths to carry out poverty alleviation and public welfare activities to improve people's lives. With a heart of gratitude, we are committed to continuously contributing to the community and living in harmony with the society.

    Our commitment

    1. Working to advance regional prosperity and stability
    2. Further promoting our business development in Hong Kong
    3. Continuously improving our safety management level
    4. Taking advantage of our professional advantages to carry out public welfare activities
    5. Creating more business and job opportunities for local communities