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Forward looking strategic layout

Relying on forward-looking and scientific strategic planning and keen market insight, the business layout of China Asia Valley covers the important strategic development areas in China, including :Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development Area, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Yangtze River Economic Belt, and so on. Such strategic layout has helped China Asia Valley seize more development opportunities. At the same time, as one of the earliest enterprises returning to the first and second-tier cities in China, the reasonable urban layout and product structure provide strong support for the high-speed and steady growth of our enterprise performance.


Industrial scale and coordination

As a large-scale comprehensive investment group, China Asia Valley has multiple industries, covering urban development, economic restructuring and livelihood related fields. Each industry not only forms a closed-loop of upstream and downstream ecological chain and operates independently, but also has synergistic effect on each other. On the one hand, such multiple strategies can reduce the risk of market fluctuation and achieve the sustainable development of enterprises, on the other hand, it can also provide more abundant resources for urban comprehensive industrial operation.


Unique professional advantages

China Asia Valley has entered the field of urban renewal for many years. With rich experience and mature transformation mode, it has formed unique advantages in company size, team building and professional service. Through its unique operation mode in the field of culture and sports, China Asia Valley has solved certain operation challenges and become the industry benchmark. Also, China Asia Valley has industry leading strength in comprehensive development, commercial operation, property management and so on.


Efficient operation management

China Asia Valley Group has a set of efficient, mature and competitive operation management system. In terms of management, the company takes informatization and institutionalization to support the implementation of "standardized" management.

Through the implementation of efficient human resource management, strict supervision program and comprehensive profit assessment mechanism, China Asia Valley has achieved professional and refined management. In terms of operation, China Asia Valleye always adheres to "high turnover" strategy and to realize the rapid development of products with a mature, standardized and professional operation system.


Quality products and services

"Quality is the lifeline for a enterprise" and "customer value oriented" have always been the basic principles forChina Asia Valley's various industrial fields, and also the foundation of our business. The detailed requirements of excellence, standardized guarantee mechanism and strict control means all show that China Asia Valley is constantly pursuing high-quality product and service. This also helps China Asia Valley win a large number of loyal customers and a good reputation in the industry.