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Corporate culture

Start a business with unlimited possibilities

Enterprise mission

The most growing industry finance network platform in the world

This is the significance and motivation for the existence of China Asia Valley as a commercial organization, and also the responsibility and obligation that the group must undertake. The mission of the company is closely linked with the progress of the times and social development, which expresses the value orientation of the company in promoting the civilization and progress of the whole society as well as embodies the lofty pursuit of our staff.

China Asia Valley Group has always been a business process reengineering service provider linked by value chain. We committed to becoming the world's most growing industry finance network enterprise leader and the most respected industrial Internet financial enterprise. China Asia Valley is also striving to make unique contributions to national rejuvenation and social development. Looking forward to the future, China Asia Valley will work hard to build an excellent enterprise with investor satisfaction, employee pride and public trust. 

Core values

Pragmatic, Pioneering, Innovative, Integrated, Win-win

Characteristic elements: Freshness, Flexibility, Excellence and Specialty

Special mechanism—"Innovation and Flexibility": Reforming mechanism system, Facilitating innovation factors, Flowing environment governance system, Be inclusive to different parties, Revenue sharing mechanism

Special form— "Small and Beautiful": Creating characteristic landscape, Coordinating town scenery, Building beautiful cities, Optimizing investment environment, Reducing the gap between urban and rural areas

Special function —"Converging": Innovative industrial function, Integrated industrial structure, Ecological security framework, Compound industrial form, Matched characteristic business format

Special industry—"Special and Strong": Innovation driven industry, Industry driven development, Green low-carbon industry, Industrial clustering, Sharing industrial ecosystem

Five corporate governance concepts

Science and technology-based: With science and technology innovation as the driving force, relying on the core location of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, China Asia Valley has been constructing the advantages of science and technology research and development. With such advantages, China Asia Valley will continue to introduce and cultivate high-end scientific and technological talents in order to improve our innovation ability and attract more consumers. 

Ecology-based: China Asia Valley adheres to the concept of harmony between human and natural environment, implements ecological protection projects, and pays great attention to environmental protection while striving to develop business. Our company has set up strict access and environmental management standards for construction projects, followed the road of “regional linkage, axis and belt unfolding, ecological interval and clustered development”in order to accelerate the construction of clustered, ecological coastal park. 

Innovation-based: Our company takes product research and development as the guide, production as the core, market as the platform, and consumption as the purpose. Through these four aspects, we have promoted the integrated development of electronic product research and development, production, market and consumption. 

Flexibility-based: In order to promote innovation of regional capital system, industry combination and talent model, China Asia Valley has established an operation mode based on government guidance, market operation and private sector participation. Meanwhile, focusing on "business flow, logistics, passenger flow, capital flow and information flow", our company has established eight service systems including "information service, procurement execution, virtual production, online trading, transaction execution, distribution execution, domestic and foreign logistics distribution, capital settlement and financing". 

Characteristic-based: China Asia Valley gathers various resources to promote business development, thus driving the national industrial economy to a higher level and gaining a greater voice in the international community. Our company is committed to building a highly integrated business portfolio involving business, catering, entertainment, culture, tourism and other aspects, so as to form a composite business sector with complementary business types. 

Enterprise spirit

Arduous pioneering, Selfless dedication, Hard work, Forge ahead

China Asia Valley's spirit is the ideological achievement and spiritual strength of all our staff, and it constantly improve and sublimate in the process of enterprise development. This spirit helps employees to maximize their potential and share the same fate with the enterprise, so as to continuously enhance the cohesion and competitiveness within our company.

Arduous pioneering: All employees of China Asia Valley have the good qualities of diligence, frugality, perseverance and hard work. Such good qualities are the driving forces for the company to achieve extraordinary and leapfrog development.

Selfless dedication: The value orientation of staff in China Asia Valley is embodied in loving to give back to the society and being honest and upright. Our employees have a sense of ownership, broad-minded and willing to achieve common progress with the enterprise.

Hard work: The spiritual portrayal of our staff shows that the employees are courageous, diligent and enjoy challenge.

Forge ahead: A secret weapon to acquire success for China Asia Valley comes from the staff's spirit of keeping pace with the times, being brave in innovation and pursuing excellence.