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  • Huang Binghuang    Chairman of the board

    Mr. Huang Binghuang, born in 1971, graduated from Chongqing University. He was consultant to the dean of economics of Peking University, founder of China Asia Valley, chairman of the board of directors and CEO. The former largest shareholder (HK 0115), executive director, CEO and chief operating officer of the main board listed company of Hong Kong Junhao group; member of the 10th CPPCC Committee of Jiangxi Province, Hong Kong and Macao special invited member of the 11th CPPCC Committee, executive vice chairman of Jiangxi Society Association of Hong Kong and director of Overseas Friendship Association. Director of China Asia Valley brand and integrity magazine (Shenzhen) office, honorary chairman of China Africa investment club, vice chairman of international economic development research center, honorary chairman of China Asia Valley forestry and environment promotion association, vice chairman of China Asia Valley Modern Service Industry Federation, director of Shenzhen Federation of industry and commerce, Guangcai Promotion Association, chairman of China Asia Valley lion Charity Association and honorary chairman of several universities and industry associations And so on.

  • Xia Ping       Executive director

    Ms. Xia Ping, 50, graduated from the Chinese language and literature major of China Central Radio and Television University in 2005 and obtained the intermediate accountant qualification issued by the Ministry of finance of China in 2006. It was appointed as executive director of the company in September 30, 2019. He is now the executive president of Shenzhen Digang Zhongya Electronic City Group Co., Ltd. At the same time, Ms. Xia is executive director of China Asia Daye Industrial Park Management Co., Ltd., director of Shenzhen China Asia Film and Television Industry Co., Ltd. and supervisor of China Asia vision technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

  • Wang Lijiao    Executive director

    Ms. Wang Lijiao, 41, was appointed as a non-executive director and a member of the audit committee on 2019. Ms. Wang is now a director of Central Asia Valley Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Central Asia Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. He has been the chief financial officer of Central Asia Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. since April 8, 2008. Ms. Wang graduated from Communication University of China in 2021 and obtained a bachelor's degree in accounting through online education.

  • Wang Rongfang    Independent non executive director

    Mr. Wang Rongfang (“Mr. Wang”) is now the director of an independent non-executive Director and the chairman of the remuneration committee of the Company, Mr. Wang graduated from Quanzhou Normal University*in 1982 and obtained a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Mr. Wang has over 20 years’ experience in construction and project management.

  • Tso Sze Wai    Independent non executive director

    Mr. Tso Sze Wai (“Mr. Tso”) is now the director of an independent nonexecutive Director and the chairman of the audit committee of the Company (“Audit Committee”),Mr. Tso holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce awarded by University of New South Wales, Australia and a postgraduate diploma in Computing awarded by the University of Western Sydney.

  • Duan Rihuang    Independent non executive director

    Born in 1957, Mr. Duan Rihuang was the general manager of Jiangxi Liancheng Tourist Taxi Co., Ltd, vice chairman and general manager of Jiangxi Bailong Industrial Co., Ltd., general manager of Jiangxi Ruiji Communication Technology Co., Ltd., and vice chairman of Jiangnan Valve Co., Ltd. It has rich experience in the field of import and export trade and has made outstanding achievements.