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Graphene, the world's thinnest and hardest nanometer transparent conductor

The new material industry includes new materials and its related products as well as technical equipment. Specifically, it covers the industries formed by new materials themselves, new material technology and equipment manufacturing industry, transformed traditional material technology industries, etc. Compared with traditional one, the new materials industry is characterized by high technology density, high investment in research and development, high added value of products, Internationalization of production and market, wide application range and bright development prospect.

Materials made by graphene, metal and polymer additives, shape memory alloy, self repairing materials, intelligent bionic materials and metamaterials , liquid metals, new low-temperature superconductors and low-cost high-temperature superconductors, are some of the key directions of the development of new material industry. The new material industry generally presents the trend of integration between new material technology and information technology, nanotechnology, intelligent technology, etc. Our company attach great importance to original innovation and disruptive technological innovation. We are committed to pursuing forward-looking basic research and applied innovation.